Not as a client, or a couple, or a pay check.

But, as a PERSON.

I care about my couples so much it hurts sometimes. The moment you book with me you are invited into my little family and there you will stay until the end of time (okay, you don't have to stay, but I'd love it if you did).

While your wedding year is where we become besties, the years that follow are my actual favorite. Those are the years where you settle into marriage, where you do the hard stuff, where you grow, and where I get to watch and document new (just as exciting) seasons of life for you.

I'm not just a "wedding vendor", but a 'for life' kind of friend.

YOU matter to me.

My approach to photos is unique. After shooting 100+ weddings over the years, I have learned when to step back to give moments their space and when to step in to offer a gentle hand of guidance.

I tend to bounce back and forth between a more candid, documentary style mixed with fun, modern, non-traditional flair. My art is emotive, nostalgic, true to color, film inspired, intimate, detail oriented, with an equal love of light and shadows.

Getting to witness & document so many of your stories is a job that I do not take lightly. I am 1000% invested in my couples, their stories, their love, and who they are as people, and I believe there lies the difference.

How I work.